Prappers Media is the largest TikTok video production agency in the Netherlands, specializing in creating TikTok strategies, concepts, and productions. We handle everything from single influencer campaigns to comprehensive, always-on formats. Our clients include Rabobank, Essent, Hema, Spar, Intersport, Bax Music, Zalando, Sony Music, and the Dutch Government.

Additionally, Prappers is known for developing and producing highly engaging and impactful short-form formats in-house, such as 'Dokters Vandaag,' 'We Support Your Stage,' and 'Paalstraat 69.'

Our People

Founded in 2016 as an app marketing agency, Prappers has ascended to the forefront as the Number 1 TikTok agency in the Netherlands. Comprising our teams in production, development, and client relations is a harmonious mix of young talent and seasoned professinals, fusing the traditional craftsmanship of the ‘old’ TV era with the dynamic creativity and flexibility emblematic of the new TikTok landscape. This strategic fusion forms the cornerstone of Prappers, offering an unparalleled blend perfectly suited to reach and captivate your target audience.

Prappers is led by the highly experienced Joey Scheufler and Leonie Hulstein.


founder & managing director

 Joey Scheufler, the Founder of Prappers, is the preeminent TikTok expert with unparalleled expertise in the Netherlands

Joey is leveraging roughly two decades of experience producing and developing high performing mobile-first campaigns for major brands. 

. As a member of the Advertising Code Committee and the Influencer Marketing Committee, Joey is highly knowledgeable about the rules and regulations concerning social media and influencers. He frequently communicates with all key stakeholders at various social media platforms, government bodies, and regulatory agencies. Additionally, he participates in public debates as an opinion leader in the Dutch media

Guided by his seasoned team, Joey is committed to assisting you in articulating a robust TikTok strategy and devising optimal video concepts to achieve your specific objectives, whether it be maximizing views, enhancing engagement, or driving conversions.


director brand partnerships

Leonie possesses over 15 years of extensive experience in business development for prominent brands. She is a seasoned professional, adept at serving as a vital liaison between diverse stakeholders.

At Prappers, Leonie holds the significant responsibility of overseeing the Health and Society slate, which encompasses a wide range of crucial areas such as education, public awareness, prevention initiatives, and talent development. Her role is pivotal in ensuring the strategic alignment and successful execution of projects that aim to foster health and societal well-being.

In addition, Leonie regularly participates in think tanks and maintains intensive contact with policymakers in both the corporate sector and government. Her involvement in these high-level discussions underscores her commitment to advancing strategic initiatives and influencing policy decisions that impact health and society..

Strategy & Concept

With an acute awareness of industry trends and a comprehensive understanding of the algorithm, Prappers ensures a strategic and informed approach to your TikTok endeavors.

Making an impact with social media requires professional capabilities.
We provide strategic advice and conduct periodic evaluations, allowing us to make timely adjustments and achieve objectives.
We can advise on the goals mentioned alongside and common social media KPIs, including views, followers, engagement, audience reach, and activation.

Within strategic advice, the target audience is a key component. Each target audience requires a different communication style to effectively receive the message


Prappers boasts the largest in-house influencer agency in the Netherlands, comprising a network of over 200 TikTokkers.

Our expertise lies in seamlessly connecting brands with creators and vice versa. Whether you are in search of macro TikTokkers or micro influencers aligned with your niche, we offer a comprehensive selection.

Whether your preference is to feature content on your own brand TikTok channel or collaborate with influencers on their respective channels, Prappers facilitates a diverse array of options tailored to your specific needs.

Video productions

Prappers is a distinguished authority in TikTok video production, recognizing that the cornerstone of success on the platform lies in the creation of exceptional content—an area in which Prappers excels.

Whether you require a singular campaign video, continuous content streams, or a bespoke frequency, our comprehensive services cover a spectrum of needs.

Our meticulously crafted formats are designed to resonate with your target audience, spanning trends, challenges, user-generated content (UGC), quizzes, real-life narratives, comedy, soap operas, or culinary shows. Our extensive experience and versatility establish us as the preeminent
TikTok Agency

Trusted by major brands

Prappers is a trusted partner for prominent brands, distinguished by our commitment to crafting impactful content that consistently aligns with brand safety and identity.

Whether it’s on your dedicated TikTok brand channel, a new channel, within advertisements, or featured on the profiles of influencers, we offer versatile solutions, with or without influencer collaboration.

Crucially, our focus is on the creation of exceptional videos.

Prappers specializes in delivering high-performance TikTok videos tailored to the unique needs of brands and businesses.

Whether you are seeking a comprehensive strategy, a targeted campaign, influencer collaboration, or bespoke video production, we invite you to get in touch with us to explore the possibilities. Contact us now to discuss how Prappers can elevate your brand’s presence on TikTok.

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Custom formats and shows 

At the heart of TikTok success is the creation of outstanding videos, a specific expertise that Prappers is committed delivering for your brand or business.

Whether you require a singular campaign video, ongoing content, or a tailored frequency, our capabilities encompass a comprehensive spectrum.

Our diverse array of formats is designed to resonate with your target audience, spanning trends, challenges, user-generated content (UGC), quizzes, real-life narratives, comedy, soap opera-style content, cooking segments, or talk shows — we have successfully executed them all.
This proficiency positions us as the premier TikTok Agency, committed to elevating your brand’s presence on the platform.

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Some of our custom shows

We support your stage

Dokters Vandaag

Morgen voor jou

Paalstraat 69

In bed…

The Experts


Loved by EasyToys

Smile Street, Dutch title: Paalstraat 69, is a unique sitcom developed in-house, marking the inaugural professionally produced comedy series tailored for TikTok. The cast features renowned Dutch comedy actors, including Patrick Stoof, Rian Gerritsten, Britt Scholte, and Eliyha Altena, alongside emerging social stars Mila Muijson and Stijn de Vries.
In collaboration with EDC Retail/Easytoys, the series effectively addresses taboo topics, making them accessible to a broad audience. Leveraging our exceptional analytical and optimization team, which collaborates closely with production and post-production teams, we consistently produce high-performing content at scale.
Aired four times weekly, the series garnered 10 million organic views within its initial six weeks, effectively reaching the target audience of 70% female viewers and 70% within the 18-24 age bracket


Multiple sponsors

“Morgen voor jou” stands as the world’s pioneering daily soap on TikTok, strategically targeting the 24-35 age demographic and achieving an impressive 6 million views within its inaugural week. This groundbreaking series seamlessly blends the conventional soap opera approach and storyline structures with the dynamic flexibility afforded by the TikTok platform.
Our casting decisions reflect a fusion of established talent, such as Kasper van Kooten (All Stars), Christine van Stralen (Dunya & Desie), and Veerle Peters (Spangas), alongside promising new actors like Alexander van Reeken, Marco Spadaro, and Aretha Anpong.
Earning substantial media coverage across mainstream outlets, the series holds historic significance as the first TikTok production to be included in the esteemed collection of the Museum Beeld en Geluid.

TikTok Cooking

We elevate the concept of social cooking to a sophisticated tier, bringing the familiar TV-style cooking experience with the quality audiences appreciate, tailored specifically for TikTok. Our content is crafted to be real, authentic, and seamlessly integrates opportunities for product placement and sponsorship.

Recognizing TikTok’s evolving role as a search engine, where users actively seek their preferred recipes, products, and restaurant recommendations, we employ TikTok search optimization strategies. By optimizing our shows and episodes, we ensure their discoverability and future-proof them for the current generation. Our approach not only positions our content on the For You Pages but also capitalizes on the growing trend of using TikTok as a platform for culinary exploration.

TikTok Talentshow

We Support Your Stage’ is an ongoing talent show on TikTok, proudly powered by Bax Music. Young music creators are invited to participate by submitting a demo, subsequently undergoing evaluation by experienced and well-known artists who extend invitations for studio auditions. The entire journey is meticulously documented and condensed into 16 TikTok videos per category.
In the inaugural season, distinguished artists Eva Simons, Jamie Westland, and Ryan Marciano & Sunnery James lent their support to emerging talents, fostering significant exposure on TikTok for both Bax Music and the featured artists.

Our content creation team

At the core of Prappers Media Group, our content creation team serves as the nucleus, comprised of some of the most prominent TikTok influencers on the platform. We have cultivated an environment that enables these influential creators to thrive and make a substantial impact on millions of viewers. Supported by our in-house production department, we elevate vertical video content to unprecedented levels. Prappers is the TikTok agency.

Prappers Media Group is dedicated to fostering a diverse community of storytellers, spanning various verticals and catering to diverse target audiences.
Contact us now to explore the possibilities for your brand, business, or artist.

Reach out to our Amsterdam office at +31 (0)20 – 893 2400 or email us at

Nina Schotpoort

Nilab Kar

Beau Potman

Rosalyn (Spicynoodle)

Troy van Dijk

Yazz Minaa

Quincy Voorhout


Grandpa Gerrit


Nichara Voorjans

Keanu Bruijnen

Josephine Keune

Clint Fräser

Liselotte Peek

Jesse Zior

Melano Numaru


Yalda Kar

Victoria Verloop

Antonie Lokhorst

Tessa Knaap


Mathijs Jeuken

Marco Spadaro

Perle Hagesteijn

Mandy Benz

Nadia Zerouali


Lars Peters

Naomi Rachel

Friso Wester

Nikita Guslev


Lauren Slag

Julia van Etten




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