App engagement optimization

Does our app bring in what we all expected? It’s a common question these days within companies. Are you getting the best out of your app users? And how do you convert an app downloader into a loyal app user?

The key to success is getting to really uderstand the app user. While an average iPhone owner has over 100 apps on his Phone, he spends 70% of his time only using 3 of them. How do you engage users and keep them interested in your app. There is a lot of data avaible of your app users, and this data contains a lot of opportunities to engage your app users.

Bij experience and research we now know that:

– 55% of the people that still uses the app in the first week after downloading it, becomes a loyal user.
– 90% of the people that uses the app on a weekly basis in the first month of downloading, stays a loyal user.
– By only sending 1 onboarding related push message to new app users in the first week after downloading has an increasement in retention of 71%

With our ‘App engagement optimization’ we analyze, optimize and advice on:

How do you keep your app donwloaders engaged from the moment they opened your app

How much and when do you send out messages

How do you communicate and start listening to your app ‘users digital body language’.

How do you convert a user into a user that makes an action in the app.

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