App Marketing Strategy

Your organization has an app, and the development was expensive in time and money. You put in live in Google Play and Apple App store and wait for the success. Unfortunatly the reality is different, nobody is downloading your app. Monthly over 50.000 new apps are launched in the stores, being discovered and downloaded is harder then ever. 85% of every app turns out to be a big faillure.

But there is hope for your app; Prappers. We are specialized in app growth and making apps successfull. Are clients are new apps looking for volume, existing apps looking for retention or more income, or apps that are ready for international growth.

We will take care of the whole process from click to install. Our experts will create a custom strategy based on data, analyses and our previous strategies we developed, implemented and optimized for simular apps as yours. Because that’s our main benefit, we did it before.

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